Leeds Movie Makers are a non-profit making amateur movie club. We cater for both video and traditional film makers. The primary aim of the club is to encourage movie making in it`s many forms including holiday movies, documentaries, fiction and animation, by teach-ins, practical sessions, example and competitions.

All of our members are ready and willing to give help and advice to beginners and the less experienced movie makers. We are always interested to see people who are interested in movie making including actors, script writers, sound engineers etc, as well as camera persons.

We have many family members and can give encouragement to the children of family members to get more enjoyment out of movie making. Our members also meet for Social occasions.

Members use a variety of film and video cameras.

We have film and video projectors for large screen presentations and regularly meet with other clubs in the West Riding of Yorkshire for competition and social occasions.

We are members of the W.R.C.G. who co-ordinate the various member clubs in the West Riding and we are also members of the international organisation the I.A.C.

If you are interested in getting more out of your camcorder and film making then come along to one or two of our meetings to meet our friendly members and see how we can help you before you decide to join us.
harry and projector

annual dinner

doreen being interviewed